Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Okay, New Day

Where I'd like to be right now

So my frustrations of the last few weeks haven't really lessened, but today is a new day and it happens to be a beautiful fall day.

For the next couple of months I know I'll swing back and forth between stressed out / frustrated and a more mellow controlled I can do this kind of feeling. I am still deeply concerned about the changes at work and the only that is making me reluctant to look for a new job immediately is that I've never liked my co-workers as much as I do right now.

Halloween is coming up and I think I might put up some decorations this afternoon after I get a little studying done. I know that to remain sane right now I need to be sure that I feel I am using my time productively for studying, but I also need to allow myself little breaks. Whether for decorating for Halloween, or baking or just watching a movie, spending time with friends or just spending some time with myself.

Getting time to myself when I can take a break from the studying or whatever else I have on my agenda is really important to me, it allows me to just be for a little bit and feel good about myself. It does make it hard though because I feel guilty about not spending time with friends that I haven't seen in a while, it's not personal I'm not avoiding them, but sometimes even something as simple as going to get a coffee with someone else feels more like work than a break. I find that right now when I have a free hour I'd much rather just take the dog to the park or a walk, or work on some little craft around the house that I've been meaning to get to than go get coffee with anyone. So if you are one of my friends that I haven't seen in a while, I'm sorry I am, but this is what I need to do right now, for my own sanity. I promise you will see me again, in a month or two.

Right so this has been a bit rambling, but I was feeling reflective and I just wanted to get my thoughts down. Thanks for reading, and I hope I didn't bore you.

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