Saturday, October 2, 2010

can you hear me now?

So it's about that time again, time for a new cell phone. I don't know if anyone actually reads this, but if you're here reading this blog entry I am looking for suggestions and advice on what kind of phone I should get. I am currently a Verizon customer and I am on a family plan. I pay my portion of the bill, but because it is part of the family plan it is a fairly small amount.

I currently have a very low tech phone, it's just your basic flip phone it has a camera and all the jazz. It doesn't have internet and it doesn't flip open, have a touch screen, or have a keypad or anything like that. It has served me well, but there are very few phones that basic still available on the market and in any case I believe I'm ready for something a bit more high tech. I have only just begun to consider my options and so far I've looked at the Palm Pre, the Palm Pre Pixie, and a couple of Android capable phones. So I'm hoping that people who have these phones might be able to offer me their take on them. Also if you have other kinds of phones that you really like I'd be interested to hear about them too. Though I'm not really interested in a Blackberry phone.

Additionally, while it is less likely that I will actually change my service provider I am intrigued by plans such as Virgin's Beyond Talk plan which offers unlimited texting and internet usage plus 300 talk minutes for $25 a month. So I am open to the idea of switching plans if there is one out that that I see as particularly advantageous. And by that I mean cost effective. I don't have tons of money to throw around on cell phone plans, so I need something cheap that will allow me to send at least 500 of text messages a month. I don't actually talk on my phone that much, but I image I need at least 300 minutes of talk time.

This concern over cost goes for phones as well I get free and or significantly discounted rates on phones with my upgrade, so I'd like to get a either a one of the free ones or not spend more than about $50 on one. For example with my plan I can get the Palm Pre Pixie for free and the Pal Pre for $49.99.

So what do I do? Any suggestions?

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